About Louis

I love to learn, especially through application to problems. There is nothing more rewarding that seeing projects through from start to finish; ideas brought to life. I’m most happy when this means building things! Ultimately, I’d like to use this knowledge to engineer a better future for myself and others.

A variety of engineering interests and always being keen for a challenge have led to great opportunities to work in multidisciplinary teams, including several projects applying and advancing my engineering skills to the world of interactive art.

Philosophy, simple: The more we learn today, the better we can be tomorrow.

A Little Background

For as long as I can recall I have felt an interest in engineering and technology; as if it were an intrinsic fascination. What it has achieved, in my lifetime alone is simply fascinating. Always the inquisitive one, even to this day I will be by my dad’s side whenever anything concerning electronics or mechanics is involved. He is an engineer and has been highly influential on my upbringing in the world of engineering. Once old enough, he got me my first toolkit, possibly the biggest mistake my parents made. Most things in the house were found taken apart to satisfy curiosity.

At first I was unable to reassemble them, so, naturally, hid the pile of  parts out of sight. As I’m sure many others did, my early days of electronics tinkering started with small soldering Kits from Maplin (An electronics & components store here in the UK). These begin to give a better understanding of how certain components work and can be matched to do useful things, then began my own projects.

… You’re either an

Engineer OR Creative

Despite the age old stereotype, even as an engineer I have a special love for Arts and Design. Although having been known to comment on the beauty of great Code and Engineering design, I spend far more time admiring photography. Since getting my first Film SLR in 2008 my interest in photography has become an absolute love and its what now consumes much of my free time. This has become a creative outlet, contrasting the structured research of an engineering doctorate. Much like other artistic fields, photography has strong technical aspects, especially so when attempting to create an image from an idea. I most enjoy learning about and using a multitude of technical techniques to capture and create the image I have in mind. My photography work is shared on www.islou.co.uk.

Check Out Some of My Projects Below.


Kinetic Storyteller at SIGGRAPH 20162017-05-01T16:18:06+00:00
Hanging 3DTV2016-11-05T11:17:48+00:00
Chromatic Play at the Finnish Institute London2017-11-06T20:50:25+00:00