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14 12, 2010

Using the TLC5940 and Alpha TRX433s Together

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Introduction SPI Bus SPI stand for Serial Peripheral Interface. The important details learned are as follows: Slave Select (SS) Serial clock (SCLK) master input / slave output (MISO) master output / slave input (MOSI) When it properly implemented there is 4 wires required. Although both of these components have been tested successfully, they have only been done so individually. The ATMEGA328 microprocessor used has one dedicated Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Bus. A design feature of SPI allows [...]

14 11, 2010

Experiment – Connecting up and testing the RF12 / TRX433S modules

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Experiment Aim The aim here is to Setup two wireless modules and use the RF12_Demo application provided with the JeeLabs library to drive the modules. Special attention will be paid to the robustness of the signal at range. A secondary aim is to gain an understanding into how the library is driving the modules and begin to think about how I will implement them. Predicted Outcome The specifications on the module say that they can reach a maximum [...]