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14 12, 2010

Using the TLC5940 and Alpha TRX433s Together

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Introduction SPI Bus SPI stand for Serial Peripheral Interface. The important details learned are as follows: Slave Select (SS) Serial clock (SCLK) master input / slave output (MISO) master output / slave input (MOSI) When it properly implemented there is 4 wires required. Although both of these components have been tested successfully, they have only been done so individually. The ATMEGA328 microprocessor used has one dedicated Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Bus. A design feature of SPI allows [...]

11 11, 2010

The TLC5940 16-Channel PWM Controller

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Introduction Texas Instruments describe the TLC5940 with the following paragraph: The TLC5940 is a 16-channel, constant-current sink LED driver. Each channel has an individually adjustable 4096-step grayscale PWM brightness control and a 64-step, constant-current sink (dot correction). The dot correction adjusts the brightness variations between LED channels and other LED drivers. The dot correction data is stored in an integrated EEPROM. Both grayscale control and dot correction are accessible via a serial interface. A single external resistor [...]