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25 06, 2016

Placing points along an Arc using Geomerative Polygonizer and Processing

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This is a follow on from this post on drawing arcs with Geomerative, a great library for processing (Website) by Ricard Marxer.  I have struggled to find many similar sketches online other than those included in the examples, so i figured I would share my progress. This post whilst keeping a log for my own future use, I hope may serve as a reference for others out there with the same aims as me. Here we will begin to [...]

23 06, 2016

Drawing Arcs and Text with the Geomerative Processing Library

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Download Code for Mr Wavy Dude below. Fist introduced in this post (, I am currently working on a project titled the "Kinetic Story Teller" with friend and artist Tine Bech.  This is a visual arts interaction piece and as such I am  learning Processing. This is another post sharing logging and sharing my learning journey. The new visual design will re-focus the piece on a concept which was part of the original plan; the idea of flow [...]

19 06, 2016

Tinkering in Processing – Drawing a Hexagonal Grid

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My friend Tine (Her cool Artwork here) has a new gig; an interactive swing set for display in the art exhibition at SIGGRAPH 2016, probably the largest computer graphics and interactive techniques conference. One of the reasons I feel Tine and I work so well together is we both appreciate the benefits of an iterative design process when molding technology to artistic ideas. Mess with ideas in the prototype stage, keep things as modular and flexible as possible and [...]