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25 06, 2016

Placing points along an Arc using Geomerative Polygonizer and Processing

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This is a follow on from this post on drawing arcs with Geomerative, a great library for processing (Website) by Ricard Marxer.  I have struggled to find many similar sketches online other than those included in the examples, so i figured I would share my progress. This post whilst keeping a log for my own future use, I hope may serve as a reference for others out there with the same aims as me. Here we will begin to [...]

23 06, 2016

Drawing Arcs and Text with the Geomerative Processing Library

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Download Code for Mr Wavy Dude below. Fist introduced in this post (, I am currently working on a project titled the "Kinetic Story Teller" with friend and artist Tine Bech.  This is a visual arts interaction piece and as such I am  learning Processing. This is another post sharing logging and sharing my learning journey. The new visual design will re-focus the piece on a concept which was part of the original plan; the idea of flow [...]