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Louis Christodoulou (PhD)

Electronic Engineer & Researcher – Technologist – Photographer

“I love to learn, especially through application to problems. There is little more rewarding than seeing projects through from concept to reality; ideas brought to life. I’m most happy when this means building things!”



I am an adaptable individual, a practical thinker with a strong work ethic, thirst for knowledge and a logical yet creative approach to problem solving. I have a tactful approach when in a team working environment and express good self discipline and motivation when undertaking independent work.


I have a love for photography, although I gravitate toward portraiture. I see it as a creative outlet with a great balance of technical, opportunistic and creative elements. When out with a camera (and now without), I feel I become more of an explorer, attempting to read light and wander down the side streets in search of a shot in mind.

I have shot commercial assignments, event and weddings professionally although I would still class photography as a hobby at this stage. I was a committee member of the University of Surrey’s photography society for over 5 years, serving 3 of those as Vice President. My photography related endeavors can be found at

Technology & Research

My current technology and research interests encompass, in no particular order:

  • LTE, 4G and 5G Mobile Network Technology and Research
  • IoT Technology, Connected Devices, Sensor Network, Automation
  • Interactive and Immersive Multimedia
  • Mobile Broadcast / eMBMS

Electronics Projects & Making Things

A variety of engineering and creative interests, as well as always being keen for a challenge have led to great opportunities to work in multidisciplinary teams, including several projects applying and advancing my engineering skills to the world of interactive art. Please see more details in my Freelance work experience (here) and Project Portfolio (here).

I always have projects on the go; the world of super affordable and well documented micro-controllers, great rapid development platforms and a huge array of ICs available for almost any application make this age a makers dream! I have had a crazy idea, and in some instances had a working prototype within hours.


Programming & Scripting

  • C/C++
  • Python
  • LaTex


  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Microsoft Office Suite
    Including Visio
  • 2D CAD: AutoSketch, DT 2D Design
  • 3D CAD: 3DS Max, Solid Works


  • Electronics Hardware Build
  • Simple 2-layer PCB Design
  • Microprocessor / Arduino Development
  • Raspberry Pi and other Embedded Platforms
  • Proficient with both Unix and Windows Operating Systems


English – Native Proficiency
Greek – Limited Working Proficiency
German – Elementary Proficiency


  • 2 Years as an Electronic Engineering Undergraduate labs demonstrator with excellent student feedback
  • Frequently ran workshops and gave lectures for the university photographic society where I served in various committee positions over 5 years
  • Participated in Science and Engineering outreach events for the University of Surrey

Time Management

Completed my PhD research work within 3 years, staying self motivated and focused throughout with minimal requirement for supervision.



September 2016-


5G Research Engineer
Samsung R&D, London, UK

5G Research and Development work currently centered around:

  • 3GPP RAN1 topics including Fe-CoMP, NR-CoMP
  • eMBMs Broadcast

Working on EU Funded Fantastic5G project.

February 2013-
February 2014


Electronic Engineering Laboratory Demonstrator
University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey, UK

Demonstrating Electronic Engineering Undergraduate labs:

  • Embedded software (Assembley & C)
  • Digital communications (I2C, UART etc.)
  • PCB design
  • PIC programming
  • Experiments include digital communications, wave propagation, linear systems, loudspeaker/acoustic measurements.
Principle Activities:

  • Performed allocated lab experiments beforehand by way of preparation
  • Supported students’ learning in the lab setting and guided their progress
  • Assessed students’ work in terms of prep, performance and lab book
  • Marked the technical reports and provided constructive feedback
  • Maintained a safe and friendly learning environment
  • Provided practical and safe instruction on soldering/drilling

July 2013


Science & Engineering Summer School Demonstrator
University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey, UK

Guided and Supervised a group of 15 students for the Science and Engineering Summer School

  • Authored a presentation and lead a seminar on what its like to come to university and the paths it can open
  • Planned and ran labs teaching students to solder for the first time
  • This was followed later by a lab teaching how to build a microphone pre-amplifier
  • Gave a presentation and live demonstration on how video goes from capture through to broadcast and reproduction.

June 2011 –
August 2011


Post Production Technical Support
North One Television (A3M Group), London

Broadcast post production facilities support covering:

  •  6+ Edit Suits with both AVID and FCP
  • In-House Editshare System
  • Transcoding and delivering footage for clients / out of house production
  • Camera and Equipment Repair
  • Projects Included: Case study into tape-less workflow solutions, Implementation of LTO Tape Archival Workflow for Digital Assets

July 2009-
August 2010


IT Engineer
North One Television (A3M Group), London

IT Support Engineer, First Line Support for regional and international production offices. A very dynamic and varied role with strong person to person interaction and problem solving.

Principle Activities:

  • IT Helpdesk Support
  • Administration of Large Multi-Site AD Network
  • Maintenance of all computer hardware assets, both desktop and network infrastructure
  • Provisioning of new server equipment
  • Building Access Control Management

Projects included:

  • Encryption and data security solutions
  • Bespoke IT system design and implementation for off-site productions
  • Build and Installation of new server hardware
  • Upgrade of company wide computer imaging to WDS (Windows Deployment Services)
  • Primary Technical Contact on large office move of IT and Post Production Facilities


November 2014

The Surrey #lightbridge – Large Interactive Lighting Installation
Client: University of Surrey

This was a collaborative project between interactive artist Tine Bech and I. It turns a large glass bridge connecting two adjacent buildings into a playable light installation where university research groups battle for colour dominance through collaboration. The interaction is via twitter meaning anybody on campus can animate the installation.
I was solely responsible for the technical specification, design and build of the project including mechanical construction, electronics and programming.

  • Custom written python software
  • Interaction via Twitter
  • Lighting Communication via DMX (Industry Standard Lighting Protocol)
  • Runs on a low power Linux machine running

June 2009 &
June 2010


Chromatic Play – Interactive Lighting Sculptures
Client: Tine Bech

I was contacted by artist (and researcher) Tine Bech about software and hardware design of an interactive electronic lighting system for a project in the Guildford Castle. This was a series of light sculptures (later dubbed “creatures”) which could communicate with one another based on human interactions and proximity.

The project brief was on integrating scientific research on light with that of creative engagement. This allowed, not only opportunities to learn how light can affect the brains activity, but also human creative though can respond to light.

With this project being in a heritage space, we also had some serious constraints placed on us, the castle itself could not be touched, nothing could be fixed to the walls and only the false ceiling could be modified or used in any way. In this case the entire system had to communicate over wireless radio.

I was responsible for the technical specification, design and build of the project including electronics and programming.

  • Custom PCBs for Master Controller, Sensors, LED Drivers
  • Fully Wireless @ 433Mhz
  • Atmel MCU (Arduino Compatible)
  • Dedicated PWM Driver – 16ch 12bit resolution
  • Data Interaction Logging Capabilities

June 2009 &
June 2010


LightPot – GSM Enabled Light Teapot
Client: Tine Bech

I was contacted by artist Tine Bech about the software and electronics hardware design for an upcoming project; a GSM enabled light teapot, allowing interactions with the artwork via SMS.

The work was completed with a tight deadline and has gone on to be displayed in the V&A as well as the Brighton Mini Maker Fair and Norwich Arts Centre.

I was responsible for the technical build of the project including programming.

  • Based on the Arduino Platform
  • Interaction (and control) via GSM Module
  • Addressable LED Pixels (1-wire)
  • Space Restraints – Must fit inside a teapot!

September 2011


Technical Support – World Sheepdog Trials Live (More 4)
North One Television (A3M Group), London

Outside Broadcast Location: Lowther Castle, Penrith, UK

  • Work with the production team and Outside Broadcast engineering provider to ensure smooth operation of the time critical digital media ingest process
  • Set up, management and support of onsite IT network (internet access provided by satellite up-link)

June 2009 &
June 2010


Technical Support – Isle of Man TT Races (CH4)
North One Television (A3M Group), London

  • Used engineering background to develop and evolve the ingest process with a broadcast engineering company allowing for streamlined ingest process
  • Worked on ingest team through entire production
  • Designed, installed, managed and supported entire onsite IT network




PhD in Electronic Engineering
University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey, UK

Title: “A Hybrid Unicast Broadcast Content Delivery Framework”
Supervisors: Dr O. Abdul-Hameed, Prof. A.M. Kondoz
Brief Summary:
The research undertaken explores the development of a standards compliant, multi-stream aware framework for multimedia delivery within LTE mobile network cells. By providing a multimedia centric, hybrid use of unicast and broadcast delivery methods, the framework allows mobile network operators the efficiency gains of broadcast whilst continuing to offer personalised experiences to

– Programming and Coding: C++, Python
– Keywords: 4G LTE, Mobile Communication, Multimedia, Resource allocation Algorithms



MEng in Electronic Engineering with Distinction
University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey, UK

Further Awarded: AUS (Associate of the University of Surrey) with Distinction

  • Object-Oriented Design And C++
  • Digital Communications
  • Data & Internet Networking
  • Multimedia Systems and Component Technology
  • Image and Video Compression
  • Business Administration
Mark: 85%

With a long standing interest in home automation and lighting, I proposed a project of my own. This was to design and build a completely modular reactive lighting system which would adapt to its environment. Some details on the project can be found here.

Group Mark 77%    Individual Mark: 82%

Project Title: Hydrogen Fuelled Public Bus Transport
After research into electronic propulsion and energy storage systems a complete system design was presented and its performance figures reinforced by results obtained from a custom coded Matlab simulation.



6th Form, Winchmore Hill Secondary School
Winchmore Hill, London, UK


  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Product design


  • ICT



Hanging 3DTV

Full Write Up coming soon, in the mean time the stages of the build can be found in the blog under the Hanging 3DTV project (Here).