Inside a 3D LCD TV – From Idea to Concept

///Inside a 3D LCD TV – From Idea to Concept

Inside a 3D LCD TV – From Idea to Concept

At this point, with the TV in peices, there was a few of us who had gathered around. Primarily fellow engineers and lab techs. That was when an idea was born, whilst talking to each other, Bill Backhouse (lead lab tech and close friend) and I had a brain wave. This is somthing other young engineers would enjoy looking at. So we decided to make it a show peice.

A hanging exploded, hopefully working model of a 3dtv, sure that’s doable!

Having always liked the look of high tension cable, or wire rope as it’s also known, this had to be included in the design. I drew a quick concept. With Bill approval on to next step, lets make this happen.

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