Lightive Project

//Lightive Project

Work on the Lightive reactive lighting system. Origionally started as my university level 3 project.

4 11, 2010

Prototyping with the Alpha-TRX433S Transceiver

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Introduction In order to get the alpha modules fitting onto a bread board they had to be mounted to some kind of intermediary board which presented their pins at a standard pitch. Using some solid wire and a strip board (proto board)  I created a mount for them. Layout on Protoboard: […]

3 11, 2010

An Arduino compatible library for the ALPHA 433 Transceiver

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Introduction Before beginning to look into driving the ALPHA Transceiver from scratch via the Arduino I thought it wise to browse around for some advice and sample code on implementation. Two particular sites stood out, the first being a library which was designed for use with Atmel AVR Controllers (what the arduino is based on). The second was almost exactly what I was looking for, an arduino ready library by Jee Labs. Jee Labs Jee labs is a weblog maintained by Jean-Claude Wippler, an [...]

3 11, 2010

The ALPHA RF Transceiver Module 433MHz

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The ALPHA RF Transceiver Module 433MHz ALPHA RF Transceiver Module 433MHz SMT Introduction These were found whilst looking into potential ways of implementing wireless communications. They don’t offer the most straight forward way of communicating between the micro-controllers for the system but have an impressive amount of functionality for their price. These were purchased from RS at £3.90 per unit. ( Specs: Transmit range up to 300m Data Rate up to 115Kbps Programmable output power Operating Voltage 2.2 to 5.4V (TX [...]

27 10, 2010

Product Study – Ebay LED Strip and Controller

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Introduction In order to get a feel for current “exotic” lighting solutions I decided to place an order for one of these kit’s on ebay: “5M 500cm SMD 5050 RGB 150 LED Strip + IR Remote” The name gives no suggestion as to what it was primarily designed for. Link I purchased a 5M kit as I thought the RGB LED strip was something I would use in my system.  The Advert stated the following Superbright 5050 [...]

27 10, 2010

Reactive Lighting System – Project Proposal

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To design and implement a reactive lighting systems to facilitate a feasibility study into the use of such a system. Reactive elements are to initially include temperature, ambient light, motion, and time of day. The system will also provide a manual mode that will allow for full control by the user.