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Project Description

What is the #lightbridge ?

The Light Bridge (@theLightBridge) is a playable light installation by Tine Bech and Louis Christodoulou where university research groups battle for colour dominance. Groups tweet the bridge and steel colours from each other. The stronger a research team is, the more window panels shine with their team colour. The bridge is a visual beacon and aims to bring attention to interdisciplinary research by visualising it and encouraging collaboration.

Instructions – How to animate the bridge, give it a try!

These are commands which anybody can use to animate the bridge. Next time you pass the bridge on campus give it a try!

STEP 1: Tweet using the #lightbridge hashtag along with any of the following to animate the bridge:

#wiggle – A random animated wiggle sequence!

#wave – Light wave across the bridge!

#score – Stack the scores and see who is in the lead!

STEP 2: Look up at the flashy lights! Its that easy 😎

Example tweets:



Quick Video Demo

Quickly made a (very poor!) video on my phone to show functionality, once again this will be updated with something a little clearer in time!


How to Play – For surrey research groups

Simply tweet your: #THEME and #lightbrigde to win a panel in your colour on the bridge!

The #THEME and the #lightbrigde hashtags is what triggers your colour to conquer a panel changing it to your theme colour.

So your tweet may look like: ” Just had a great meeting with Dr.Smith! Go team #THEME #lightbridge “


 Your Twitter name must be verified to play!

Research Theme Names

Themes twitter hashtag list (e.g the research theme Creativity should include #Create along with the #lightbridge in their tweet)

#Collab Collaboration Surrey Yellow
#Sleep Sleep & Circadian Rhythms Warm Orange
#Brain Brain & Behavior Sky Blue
#Microbe Microbial Communities Green
#Create Creativity Deep Pink
#ArtSci Art & Science Magenta
#Metab Metabolism, Disease & Drugs Aqua
#Move Movement Purple
#Bio Biophysics & Bio-engineering Teal

Game Rules

  • one tweet per group action. NOT per individual member
  • one tweet per physical meeting
  • one tweet per funding/award/etc
  • one tweet per publication
  • one tweet per conference presentation
  • one tweet per press mention/article

The criteria for when a colour can be changed or turned on will be automatic through programming and self regulated by the collaboration group. The latter concept of self-regulation relies on the academic communities long tradition of rigour and peer review.

Get your account verified

Please email Dawn Duke (Researcher Development) or Louis Christodoulou (PG/R – Elec Electronic Eng)  with your twitter username as well as follow @theLightBridge to help us find you.

Full write up of the project coming soon!


Project Details